When did it all begin?

The dawn of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain in the second half of the 18th century, brought the biggest economical, technological and social changes in human history since the Neolithic age.

The increase in the urban population in cities with medieval layouts, meant overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and the appearance of the first social pathologies: alcoholism, prostitution and crime. From 800 million inhabitants 250 years ago, we increased to more than tenfold today.

That huge population expansion with virtually no control has produced enormous changes in the ecosystems on earth, disturbances that Nature effectively could regulate before through natural processes of transformation and degradation, now was no longer possible because there were millions of new substances for which she has no natural processes of transformation. On the other hand, the amount of waste produced by man is so big that it constantly accumulates as environmental pollution.

Wildlife has suffered the consequences, many species have become extinct and others are constantly endangered by the destruction of their habitats, many have been exterminated by human greed, either by massive commercial hunts or the myths created by man,  like the loss of livestock and farm animals from attack by wild “hunters”.

Millions of new synthetic chemicals have inundated the market and not precisely to make mankind healthier, all chemicals can be considered poisons, and the only way to deal with them is by regulating the amount introduced in our bodies and in the atmosphere and that is not happening. People do not read the small print about what chemicals are in the processed food they buy, then we have pesticides weed killers, prescription drugs made in labs instead of natural sources, the list goes on and on and on. On the other hand we are destroying the handful of equatorial forests where the unknown is still to be discovered and where the natural remedies are stored.

All the waste of mankind ends in the sea, where a century ago was the salvation of mankind in terms of food sources, destroying reefs, polluting the water, the factory ships are depleting the stocks of edible fishes and killing the predators that keep the balance, will not help either.

Conclusions are obvious but nothing has been done and nothing seems will be done.

By cferraro44

Chemist, Professor, Naturalist, Wildlife Filmaker

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