50 Yeas Later

The following articles will be a series of radio microprograms developed in the seventies as part of my duties as a Chemistry Professor at a Venezuelan University.

Caracas, July 1, 2100. Time: 8 before meridian.

It looks like a splendid spring day with a temperature of 20 degrees centigrade, rising to 25 degrees by noon.

At 10 in the morning and at 4 in the afternoon it will rain for 15 minutes. The weather forecast is infallible. For some years the centre of the city has been covered with light metal and synthetic fibre dome and the climate is regulated by a central station according to the needs of the population.

The sun has risen at seven in the morning… naturally we are talking about the artificial sun, whose energy supply comes from an atomic reactor located in the subsoil.

There are already few people who still remember that time when electricity was obtained from the combustion of oil. For the current inhabitants, that atmosphere contaminated with sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide is unimaginable.

Today, these invaluable raw materials are transformed, through various chemical combinations, into superior quality products such as artificial fibres, dyes, medicines and proteins.

The factories are located under domes similar to the one that covers the centre of the city. Each one is a closed system that only captures and releases the products it wants. Pollution is a word from the past.

Only express electric trains circulate in the city, the energy comes from fuel cells and on the streets, we only see cars powered by highly efficient electric motors, with light fibre bodies, whose surfaces are used by artists to express their art. 

So or in much the same way we could continue our description of the world tomorrow. A dream? An unrealisable prophecy?

No…..A possible reality. Nothing that we have mentioned here seems impossible to bring to reality, moreover, some of them are already within reach.

Somethings for sure:

“Our world of tomorrow will be a world where science and technology will provide us with a safe change towards the future, since the more complex the problems of society become, the more marked the possible solutions that Science and Technology can offer. ——————————————————————————————–The current world has advanced in geometric progression in terms of technology, but at the same time, and in the same relationship, we have gone backwards in the human part, it is an unsustainable world.

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