Beginning to write again

 After 2 years of pause to dedicate me to other activities, I start writing again and the world panorama has not improved since my last article. COVID has exposed, as never before, the inability of politicians to govern, their commitment to corporations, their thirst for power. Now, less than before is known, there is more confusion, one step forward and two steps back, something named as "vaccine", to calm the population, now needs booster after booster after booster, who takes responsibility for the consequences?, no one, of course. The unvaccinated are blamed and marginalized to satisfy the populace that elects rulers, economies suffer and countries go into debt. Climate change warns more frequently of the need to stop the current frenzy of energy consumption, a madman launches a war on the old continent again and everything turns upside down, prices are exacerbated, more poverty, more migrations due to hunger and wars, now totally commercial.
 Is this the ideal world to have children, for the creation of the family? Eight billion people, how many go to bed without eating now? How many by 2050?
 Meanwhile, corporations and media make fortunes, the delivery business flourishes like never before, and for some sectors of society it seems that nothing has changed, they continue with their little things (miseries) that are irrelevant to life. Ignorance, stupidity, laziness, selfishness, and much more define our species and in the short and medium-term it seems to be what will cause our extinction.