COVID Vaccine

Competition in the business world has created the paradigm of launching products of low quality, of doubtful efficiency and still dangerous in their use for various reasons.

The softwares are a notable example, beta versions go out to the public use disguised as definitive to capture markets, followed by consecutive updates that never solve the problems but many months later, sometimes years if they do, the firmware of gears follows the same guidelines.

Manufactured foods disguise the truths or tell them half way, based on the ignorance of the people or the complicity of the authorities. This also happens with certain drugs on the market, which brings us to the center of this article: vaccines.

Vaccines work when they are safe, have controllable side effects, have been tested effectively in humans for a long time  and solve the problem they attack for good. The “business” of the vaccine for COVID-19 is mostly that, a business, all the prerequisites are being violated for a vaccine to work, time, safe use, side effects well assessed and avoiding  the re-attack of the virus. In this case it has been reported that the virus is more similar to a cold than to the flu, for which there is no vaccine because it mutates too quickly, rendering it useless. 

There are talks about producing 2 billion doses to begin with, which is the first alert, there are also talks of the mandatory nature of its reception.

Science estimates that there are more than 1.5 million viruses, only about 3000 are known, the frequency of the appearance of viruses is constantly accelerating, being the previous one SARS, which mysteriously “disappeared”, it is not known why and and how, it can reappear in  any other form not precisely benign. 

The population increases, sanitary conditions are reduced, more foods are produced synthetically, more genetic manipulation, less opportunities  by government’s control, more manipulation by the media, always economic interests are the first priority. 

Are we at the dawn of an era in which disease will dictate the course of life?

Do we want to solve it with hot patches instead or taking real effective solutions?

It will kick back in the worst way possible we can be absolutely sure of that, slopyness is always punished.

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