Laziness winning over Natural Curiosity

One of the things that helped me a lot when I started to get into Nature and Birds almost 50 years ago was my natural thirst for responses, WHY was the magic word, the same that made me get into Chemistry, the same that later made me get into photography and filming to show and educate about how the natural world works,  the same that made uncommon men stand from the crowd, developing philosophies about life and many centuries  later producing the development of modern sciences, the very same word young kids ask every moment to discover the world around them, why things happen?, how happen?, why?, why?, why?

The development of technology has made it so easy to find responses thru the web that it amazes me the laziness and ignorance of people at all levels of age and education. Social Media is the culprit, it exposes both, simple answers in any topic that could be responded with simple clicks on line are missing on questions and posts…. shamelessly, easier to ask, easier to ignore…

Facebook began the trend and now there are dozens of others showing the crude reality, the anti-values of media and advertising gain ground over family and school values and education, the worst, you can not teach new tricks to an old dog, I feel I am becoming some sort of dinosaur, out of time, lost in space….

By cferraro44

Chemist, Professor, Naturalist, Wildlife Filmaker

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